Power Your Creativity!

Pints, Pedals & Paint

Birthdays / Bachlor(ette)

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Celebrate that special someone’s big day with creating spin art!

Date Night

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This rainbow splatter fest is a perfect way for couples to have fun while creating eye pleasing art!

Corporate Team Building

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Gather the team together to release their inner Bob Ross! Laughter, creative genius and splatter fun await.

How it Works

Curious to know why Bicycle Spin Art is so much fun?

Bicycle Spin Art is the newest and hottest form of active entertainment where you power your own creativity! You and your friends will take turns pedaling a bicycle to spin your canvas and pour on the paint. What comes out is a one of a kind piece of art unique to you!

Can it get any better? YES!  Some locations offer BYOB or some have a bar on site.  See your specific location for details.

You and your Spin Art partner/s will get started by checking in, signing a waiver, donning an artistic bee keeper’s suit and creating a Bicycle Spin Art name tag.

Then you will be directed to your booth where you will watch a small video on safety, techniques you can use and color selection. Each booth has a spin wheel, artistic tools, paints and a bicycle to power your creation!

Each person gets their own canvas and you will work together to unleash your inner Tour de France Picasso!

It’s creative paint time!!!

After you have chosen your plan of attack you will work together taking turns flinging paint, pedaling the bike, getting messy and letting your master painter lose!

**Pro Tip** – If you don’t like your design, or your canvas doesn’t speak to you… keep adding more paint of a specific color and it will allow you to start over.  You can’t mess up.

Once your masterpiece has been created, you will prep your painting for take home. You’ll move onto some epic crafting as you create your own kindergarten craft style box to take home your artwork.

Your creative genius will be 16″ x 24″ so make space in your vehicle to lay it flat on the way home.  The next morning it will be ready to be displayed to the world on a wall.


Bicycle Spin Art


  • This active entertainment adventure blends bikes, paints, team work and creative genius into a rainbow of messy fun that will allow you to awaken your inner Van Gough! Play with colors, stencils and the speed you pedal to design a take home wall painting unique to you. Palettes of laughter and good times with your friends and family await you in this memorable shared experience extravaganza!
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What People Are Saying

Brilliant fun! The creating of art through this medium was such a great time! I love my creation. ~ Montgomery Parker

This is a fantastic time out with friends! Can't wait to come back! ~ Brooklyn Smith

My son and I had a fantastic time! We spent great quality time making some amazing interactive art! ~ Ann Tracy


There is the potential for getting acrylic paint on your clothes.  You will be covered head to toe in a beekeepers zip-up and will be provided gloves.  However, we suggest wearing something that is hip for going out on the town, yet ready for a battle scar or two of adventure.

Absolutely!  This is a family friendly event.  Kids love riding bikes and spin art.  This event blends them together.

**NOTICE:  Parents need to be be present with their kids at all times and monitor their safety.

Your masterpiece will not be completely dry when you leave. We provide materials for you to create a carrier that will allow you to take your creation home.

Pints, Pedals & Paint!  Oh my!

Each location has its own alcohol policy:

Chicago:  BYOB is permitted during 18 and older sessions. Please see schedule on the book now page.

Columbus:  Bar on site, no BYOB permitted

Dallas:  BYOB



Please be sure to bring socks! We have boots for you to wear but you will need to bring your own socks.